About Optic Foliar

Our Mission

Optic foliar strives to provide growers solutions without compromise. Beginning with challenging the status quo and providing consistent, positive results without restrictions or negative lasting side effects to plant leaves.

By re-imagining the entire purpose of the leaf and the science of the mesophyll layer, we have developed a new standard of foliar spraying unmatched in its dynamic, multipurpose and cost effective solutions.

Any customer that uses optic foliar spray products will experience a flexibility in application and results that provide a refreshing experience that will allow for them to witness a new peak of plant growth, health, yield and quality.

Join us and experience how foliars sprays can work for you. Learn what a true foliar experience should be like.

Our Team

Dinesh Dholliwar

The Driving Force

As the founder of Optic Foliar Dinesh has over 23+ years of experience which started with Hydroponic gardening. He was born, raised and currently resides in Vancouver BC. Dinesh looks after all international sales and customer service.

“I love helping growers grow and solving problems. I believe in taking the time to help growers get the right information and make the the best decisions.”

That is the basis of Optic Foliar, to provide high quality products and quality service

Lawrence Piron & KiKi

Sales & BBQ Eating Master

Based in Central Michigan, Lawrence Piron and his sidekick KiKi(his dog) look after outside sales covering the East Coast, Mid west, and the South. His positive personality and customer service are what helps him to excel in his role in sales for Optic Foliar. Lawrence has many years of knowledge in indoor and outdoor greenhouse applications.

“While travelling I always like to take my camera to take scenic pics and find great BBQ places to eat at. I love BBQ!”